Oooh yeah I member

I’m in Orlando for a DNS seminar, which is really great information. It’s what the functional progression in Birthfit is based off of. Our instructor was straight from Prague, and called the spine of the scapula “spineees” in her accent. It was 👌 I stayed with Addison, my new friend from Florida that I met … More Oooh yeah I member

We run this

Finally, after about a 2-3 week slump of being uber-groggy even I wake up, I’m feeling better in the mornings. I think the key (other then obviously getting at least 8 hours of sleep), is not eating peanut butter. I think I must be sensitive to peanuts, I had been really tired and bloated for … More We run this

That’s what I am

WHOA. No posts since March? My brad. That crippling perfection paralysis, back with a dang ol’ vengeance. Couple it with a straiiined  attempt to limit time in front of a screen before bed and badda bing: I’m severely behind in blog land. Well she’s back, and with a new thread of posts… Preconception planning! That’s right, … More That’s what I am