Mischief Managed

Guess what we’re watching while bae eats his birthday week (gluten free,  dairy free) banana bread! The third HP was one of my favorites of the books. Watch how Neville hits the deck during the scene where Hagrid introduces Buckbeak. I’d never noticed before! Well played Matthew Lewis. Tomorrow we head to the mountains for George’s … More Mischief Managed


I saw this bumper sticker… Me ➡ crying. Oooh gosh, and tonight is the first debate! Can’t wait for that train wreck.  I heard Twitter is streaming it live! So grab you’d decaf PSL,  curl up in your grandpa cardigan (#dailytay, I see you girl), and enjoy the demise of our country before your very eyes! Years … More Donilarry 

Wingardium LeviO/SA

Oh my geeee you guys it’s happening! My blanket is getting its 4th installment, and I once again get to sit in the cold glow of Professor McGonagall’s icy glare, and 3 young actors’ awkward fumbling through their first major film. Ahhh youth. ..I say “you guys”, which a) hopefully won’t alienate my female audience, because b) … More Wingardium LeviO/SA

Follow you down

Mike and Micah got married!! The ceremony was short and sweet (not unlike Micah 😉), and the reception…oh girl, this couple knows how to throw a party! Mike’s DJ friend kilt it. What a great day 😊😚 And bonus, got to hang out with Ang and Jake all night! Can I just note what a … More Follow you down

No Prob Rob

When I ask George to smile for a road-trippin’ pic. Please note we’re wearing our seat belts, this family plays it safe. We’re driving to Mike and Micah’s wedding in Arkansas! And plowing through some NPR (if you’re new, try Radio Lab, or How to Do Everything).  Questions I have: What exactly is a “trigger … More No Prob Rob


Look, when I heard about the newest Harry Potter, I didn’t intend to wait so long to get it. I figured I’d finish the book I was on (Devil in the White City — LOVE), then get on to it. As it happens, I’m the world’s slowest reader, as evidenced by having started Devil on … More Basically..