The classic check-to-see

Continuing on the farewell tour, we stop in at Overland Park Crossfit. My gym, I’m going to preemptively call the best gym ever, has been a huge part of my life the last 3 years — as well as our relationship.  I switched to OPCF soon after George and I started dating,  eventually got my Level 1 and started coaching, and found incredible family there. Two of the owners were even in our wedding (what up, Team Hays!) 

It’s possible I will miss the gym more than anything else in Kansas City (minus people — I’m not a gym monster). To remember the times there accurately (it’s like the stars knew), here’s a video of me doing heavy snatches for the 1st time in probably 2-3 months. The accuracy comes in when I fall on my butt..and then the classic half-look to make sure no one saw. Oh OPCF…I feel like no one will ever understand me like you do.  And I’ll just say, I hope to high heaven people at our new gym can appreciate One Direction and dancing between sets. 

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