Look, when I heard about the newest Harry Potter, I didn’t intend to wait so long to get it. I figured I’d finish the book I was on (Devil in the White City — LOVE), then get on to it. As it happens, I’m the world’s slowest reader, as evidenced by having started Devil on our honeymoon back in May. But you know it got so close to fall, I figured it could just be J.K.’s fall gift to me. You should know by now that fall=HP…among many other things — please refer to every single post on Instagram and Pinterest right now. Like, what.

So, since this is the first day of my favorite season (basic), I made George make it an event with me! Complete with no exaggeration the best soy PSL (typical) I’ve ever had!###

Now if this 90 degree crap would get out of here, this girl is trying to wear sweaters and boots.  Bye.

On a serious note, I am pretty peeved that now my favorite season being fall is cliche. Why do white millennial girls have to take everything?! You already got sole rights to leggings and sweaters, please actually can’t even this one thing. Can’t even joke about being basic without being basic. Basic-ception.

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