Oh yes, there will be tears


I don’t always make this face while I’m running the business side of practice…but I probably do most of the time. WHY is it so complicated?? Pair day to day stuff with a name and address change and you would think the whole world came off it’s axis.

I vent, because George is busy and if I don’t let off steam I’ll just cry…and you can’t let the patients see you cry — they should really teach that day 1 of school.

Two other companies that likely set off this tizzy…

Silver Medal Winner: Wal-Mart’s Customer Service/Returns dept

We purchased an inflatable mattress from Wal-Mart the other day to sleep on when we came up to Overland Park for our last night in the town-house. I noticed on the drive up here it was *neatly* taped shut, so I just figured that’s how the Coleman company reinforces their packaging. Last night we opened the box to find a twin-sized, zebra-printed mattress, complete with raggedy pillow and mattress cover. Confusion lasted for a few seconds until we realized someone bought the mattress, kept the good one, and returned their very obviously used one along with bedding. Thank you greedy moron, and thank you Wal-Mart returns department for checking your returns. Ridiculous. (Although, I’d be lying if I wasn’t somewhere between peeved and laughing a lot at the situation..George was more just peeved as we went to OP’s Wal-Mart at 10 pm to buy another one)


Gold Medal Winner: Bank of America

George closed a CC with BOA a few weeks ago, only to be alerted today that he had an outstanding charge on it. What was the charge? Service fee. On a card associated with a cancelled account. Could the company wave the fee? Of course not! That would just be ridiculous. So let us just run over there to drop $1.50 cash money to pay off our closed account.

Image result for bank of america sucks

Neat fact, if you search Google images of Bank of America sucks, there’s a lot of material!

I sincerely hope you saw the negativity stank lines radiating from this post and chose to skip over it. If not, I will try to refund you the 5 minutes of life you just lost…please hold as I transfer you to the customer relations department. Para espanol, por favor presione cinco.

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