Wingardium LeviO/SA

Oh my geeee you guys it’s happening! My blanket is getting its 4th installment, and I once again get to sit in the cold glow of Professor McGonagall’s icy glare, and 3 young actors’ awkward fumbling through their first major film. Ahhh youth.

..I say “you guys”, which a) hopefully won’t alienate my female audience, because b) that would wipe out both of them. Hey Cassie, hey Ang 👋 

And hey, I think those 1st year Wizarding students could have deduced there was a broom in that package…

Also, I’m glad the cg got progressively loads better throughout the series. Yeesh.

I wonder what I would see if I looked into the Mirror of Erised…I’m guessing something to do with me posting all my deepest concerns, thoughts,  and musings as I watch movies I’ve already seen 1,000 times. Yes…I believe that would be it. Nice to know I’ve peaked! AND in yoga pants,  just as I always imagined it would happen…

Yes, I’m very entertaining to myself.

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