Skull-session nugget

It’s “idea”, in case you come across the same crossword clue.

Wooow it’s been quite a week! Hope yous guys like pictures, its gdfr. We had our first day at the new office. I’ve ran into many people I knew from back when I lived here,  and met many more family members or friends of someone I’ve known. Yup, the smaller time might just be where it’s at!

Dr. Stanton is falling in step quite nicely as well here in southwest Kansas.

George’s family sent us a bangin fruit and snack basket for our first day.  The family is way on top of that sort of thing. **we get to go up to Ohio for a whole week for thanksgiving!! 😄😄**

Leslie At the office shared a pattypan squash with us. UHdorable. 

G started playing ice hockey with the family  (meanwhile, back in Garden, I almost locked myself out of our downtown loft because of my jank key. Did I cry in the ally? YEAH, I did. And I’d do it again.

And then… began. Crossfit in Garden.  And you know what? Not a bad deal.  Hit my old bench 1RM (120), and for not working out for 2 weeks,  I’d say that is alright.  That,  or I was sandbagging in my previous life.  Me? Lollygagging on weights? No..

Doin it, and doin it, and doin it well — HP2. I can’t wait to re-read this book sometime! Also doing it well? My friend Stuart’s wife, who he just informed me found out she is completely cancer free!  That is better than HP!

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