I lo’e Cleland

The inlaws are in town! And Cleland is playing game 4 of the World Series tonight.  Tonight and one more and we’ll have it! Dare I hope? From every Cleveland fan I’ve been told…never get your hopes up. But I think I might just 😊 ⚾ Adelyn though, she may have another out look. The … More I lo’e Cleland

Week in review

So, so much.  Dr. Walkers last day was Friday, she’s all ours the week! Monday was hectic,  ever after the week has gotten much more calm and enjoyable. I’m not sure if that’s how Dr. Walker always smiles for pics, but I think he was in the middle of saying how much he loves me … More Week in review

Almost Heaven

Did you have that book when you were little that would show something close up and you were supposed to guess what it was? Like a curtain or an Aztec cityscape? And then it zoomed out… …and it was the pants you were wearing to work that day? Well not maybe not  exactly like that, … More Almost Heaven

Just enjoy the show

Saturday sure did start out promising didn’t it? Nothing to do but relax all day, then go to the Speakeasy fundraiser for the Garden City Arts that night. But somewhere along the way my stomach and every muscle in my body got mixed up in some sort of food poisoning or flu-like-I-don’t-know-what. And just like … More Just enjoy the show


I tried out ice hockey last night! It was officially my second time skating on ice, so that sure took a minute to adjust to. Ughhh I just wish the rink was in Garden so we didn’t have to drive an hour to Dodge 😒 We’ll see how much more playing I’ll do this season.. … More Off…sides?

Slap shot 

When I was living in KC, I never got to be a part of things like this — my brother had a BBQ at his house last night for the hockey team and to watch the first NHL game of the season.  And I used to see posts about this kind of stuff, my family … More Slap shot 


💓💗💓💗💓 The familiar sounds of hockey…takes me back to undergrad when my brother and sisters had me come along and help do manager things…and then they graduated.  And Coach asked me to call lines.  And so there I was,  a dumb college girl wearing flip flops in the dead of winter,  stressed-sick because…well how am … More Boards!