If I could be here. All the time. Plus everything I have here in Garden. And heck if we’re making wishes, George’s family + our friends.  That’d be more people in all of Copper this weekend anyway! We’d run that. Going just before season I feel was the best decision. 0 people, but all the beauty Colorado in fall has to offer! Plus,  the coffee shop was open, so really what else do you need?

Oh right,  for JK to get a new book out ASAP. I’m thinking about the original Order of the Phoenix? Or George’s idea of the story of the 4 founders of Hogwarts. 😍

The rest of the time we did a bit of hiking, ate at Pho Bay in Frisco (Phooooo good!), played board games and watched movies. Kicking it all weekend with no where to be, golly we needed it. 

And I needed an excuse to wear purple hiking boots for a couple days.

All missions accomplished!

Birthday weekends are the best!

Butts..claaaassic Gig.

OH my gosh, side note, but we have a curtain hanging up on a shower curtain tension rod in our bedroom (handle our class, please), and it fell in the middle of the night last night. I woke up like 😮 and I feel like George woke up in slo-mo like 😲😲😲. It’s still pretty funny to think back to, but then I couldn’t fall asleep for like an hour after, so I guess joke’s on me.

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