Downtown Denver Next Door

On our travels last weekend to Copper, we stopped near downtown Denver for dinner and birthday treats.  

Dinner ➡ Racines

They had a good number of GF options, nothing super duper fancy. But anywhere I can get myself a Reuben on fluffy gluten free toast, and 👌 house made orange basalmic vinaigrette, well I’ll drive to downtown Denver for that! It didn’t blow me out of the water, but we got a good meal I could feel good about. And really, it was close to this bad boy…

So if you need to get your husband delicious (and sliiightly pricey) gluten free baked goodies for his birthday, look no further! Because although we didn’t get them, there were gf pumpkin maple donuts! ….oh crap….4 days later I realized those should have happened. But anyway,  his birthday pumpkin torte 100% did the trick! 

So many more places to go in Denver…but on with the travels!

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