Something of a Saturday

I can’t believe there was a bomb threat in Garden. A real live terrorist bomb plot. And as many have pointed out, it wasn’t some overseas terrorist group, or immigrants,  or..anyone, really. It was a bunch of rednecks who are scared of people that look different than them. How do people still not really the ignorance in that? GET OUT OF MY CITY. AND they were from Liberal and Dodge, so of course had no problem causing problems outside of their hometown. AND it was settled to be caddy-corner from my office, and near other homes in Garden. Bet they didn’t think through the effects it would have on the people not targeted in the attack. Complete and total idiocracy. Leave our new residents alone, and if you don’t like the diversity, leave. Buhhh how is this even a thing? It’s astounding how people can be so…ignorant. No other word for it.

In other,  much greater news,  here we are in our new gym!

This is the second weekend since we’ve moved here that we’re actually in town. I seriously don’t know what to do with myself! Other than the obvious, go to Dugans  (and finish Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!), and t’werk out. And then make this guy out of my salad.

Downtime, what is that??

Oh, and Sleepaway was this great band that came through Garden when I was in high school. I don’t know that they ever got very big,  but I sure did like them a lot.  Probably need to go digging for that CD, for you I’d forget everything. 

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