Almost Heaven

Did you have that book when you were little that would show something close up and you were supposed to guess what it was? Like a curtain or an Aztec cityscape? And then it zoomed out…

…and it was the pants you were wearing to work that day? Well not maybe not  exactly like that, but you get it. 

Hey! Bittersweet news, we were originally going to KC this weekend with Coleman to see his bffs Kansas perform at Kaufmann. However, by a very very bad mixup on the ticket counters part, those tickets have since been charity? I’m not sure. In any case, we are no longer going, and I’m sure our friend is absolutely livid. Because I would be. But there is one tiny silver lining that comes out of that unfortunate mistake, we get to stay home for the second weekend in a row! And not a moment too soon, next week we officially start at the new office with it as our own! So things may get a little dicey in the stress department,  without driving 12 hours on top of it. Still,  poor bes freeen.

There WILL be more of this pumpkin banking action going on,  rest easy. 

And why is it so hard to make proper scones? Is it because I do gf, or because scones are trixy? They’re tasty, but not that nice dry sconey texture. Know what else is happening this weekend? Fall sh. 

Don’t mind if I do Patrick Dougan.

And since we don’t have Internet at the house still, we have very little in the way of media entertainment.  George is up and down blowing into the Nintendo NES to keep his game from freezing every new level he gets to. So let’s get some Halloween movies up in this!

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