Baby I’m perfect for you

Let’s start out with some awesome news, our JuCo and High school teams are slayin this season! GCCC is number 1 in the nation, and GCHS is undefeated. It’s fun to be back in a town I actually care about the school’s teams. 

And I had a little school spirit in me in my hay day 😊

I can’t even say how much I loved dance team!! I need to find a way to dance at football games again. Oh…is that not ok when you’re 28? Don’t tell me how to live my life!

Yesterday I had to go to Hays for my first BCBS experience, a documentation seminar. We haven’t even started billing them yet and I may already want to drive a pencil through my eye. What a D-U-M-B system! Maybe my tune will change when we start getting checks from them but…I don’t think they even know what their goal is as far as patient care. Why don’t we leave that to the doctors that went to school for it,  huh? ☝

I ate at Gellas, which apparently people just LOVE because that was the overwhelming response when I asked for recommendations on FB. It was pretty good,  though I only got a Cobb salad. But I suppose there are ways to mess up a salad, so I was pleased. I also realized that was probably the first time I’ve ever ate at a sit-down restaurant by myself — thank you Hays for encouraging my independence.

 Stopped in next door for a coffee before the seminar…not impressed. I say “coffee”, but should say luke-warm PSL, made with the exact same espresso machine I have in my home, and a few shakes of pumpkin pie spice into the cup. Soo not too great. As a small business owner myself, I hate giving poor reviews but…maybe Paisley and Pear could try a little harder next time. Cute place though? Ah, I feel better.

My teeny teeny coffee cup, it was as full in this pic as it was when I threw it out that night. 

I’d like to end on a good note, it’s our last day at the office with Dr. Walker! Next week she’s alllll ours! 😄….🤔……..😲

Jk @myemojis, we’ve owned/practiced for the last two years. Still, 

I could probably quote The Office all day and make myself very happy.

I finished my book finally! This doesn’t get much attention,  since I started it in May and really should have finished it by June. It was good though, I’d recommend it to anyone with atleast mildly thick skin. It gets rough in some parts.

**I pondered as I ate by myself, how qmany sports themed restaurants were inspired solely by the prospect of having a Ty Cobb salad? Probably too many, or possibly not enough. And if so, I have a new venture on my horizon. 

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