Some nights I stay up

George’s parents came out to the heart of America, our booming metropolis,  the “Milwaukee of the Plains” as I like to call it, to visit! And smack dab in the middle of the World Series!

Last week was our 3 year dating anniversary, when we had a pie bakeoff one weekend, went to a Chiefs game and church the next,  and spent all our time together in between….and forever after.

Since last week was bana…banananana…
Since last week was crazy, we had to put off the bakeoff until the weekend. For the first time ever, we allowed in outside judges. They weren’t very helpful in picking a winner, as their official statement was “yur bofth did grate, these piesh are delishioush” (..did you read that like their mouths were full? Expressing myself can be hard sometimes)

So MINE was a peach pie, with a latticed crust with pecan pralines crushed in, and a cinnamon coconut whip cream on top! 

I KNOW! πŸ˜‹

George’s had a pumpkin and ginger spice crust with what I believe to be a melted marshmallow and pretzel layer, with chocolate coconut whipped topping (everything gf, that’s the rules).

Ok fine it was good. I SAID IT WAS GOOD! Leave me alone.

We called this year a tie, since they were so different it’s hard to match the 2 up. Running score is 1-1-2.

Yesterday of course was Halloween.  I wore skellie earrings to work..figured I shouldn’t push my luck so early into our new practice.  But the nieces on the other hand…let me just highlight Miss Adelyn who finally let them put on her full costume. Ooh my stars! 😍

They did a pretty good job,  I’d say.

And now, after a busy busy Tuesday, I can kick it and watch game 6 (Go Tribe βšΎπŸ‘πŸ™Œ) while Adelyn sleeps and everyone else is at hockey.  And I use all the wifi everrrrrrr. (We still don’t have Internet at our loft. Hopefully this week, but I feel like I’m binging everything when I can at my families houses.)

Last and finally..

Can’t believe I forgot to post about your girl being on the news! Well,  I was.  Talking about housing out here in Garden. We did end up with probably sweetest downtown loft rental in all of Garden, buuut it’s because we knew the right people. You may recognize my interviewer Santiago from earlier posts, with his hand up a pumpkin. 

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