The seaweed is always greener

George was whistling “Under the Sea” this morning..? Don’t know what he’s dreaming over there all night. Speaking of, I had a dream I still had 12 adjustments and a physical to do at school before I could graduate 😝 Grossss. Like the time Ang and I were done with all of our requirements but for some dumb reason still had to sit around the clinic to get out patient hours. Pretty sure after 300 adjustments, you don’t need to track hours as well. Wow, school things were dumb! But I suppose I’m glad it made me a chiropractor. 

Today we sort of ditched on Chamber of Commerce breakfast. We legitimately  forgot to register,  and we still aren’t even officially members. So, I’ll take a late morning and some time to actually spend enjoying a coffee shop! We do much much less of that now that we’re so busy at the office. And trust me, I am NOT complaining.  I thank God we got the opportunity we did. But I also thank God for little moments like these that George and I get to slow down a bit  (even though from Friday to Friday we’ll be doing just that up in Ohio!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„)

George is boys-clubbing it with our early morning Dougans crew [ummm FRESH off the press, I JUST heard Mia at the counter say they’re expanding the coffee shop! πŸ‘]. They’re talking cars, Gary drove his wife’s something-fancy old Mustang. I mean, yeah it looks cool…I listen politely for about 3 minutes then figure no cares if I’m a part of that conversation. Hence HP, a good coffee, and scrabble if I ever get my husband back.

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