But I love it

We ran in Columbus’ Hot Chocolate 5k with George’s sister this morning and holy frost bite! The race was actually really good once we started,  George and I stayed on pace together and finished at 30:03…actually George clocked at 30:09, so….no big deal…

Dodging through a bunch of walkers  (that don’t know how to get out of the fast lane), and my FTD Get T’werk playlist on Spotify really made it go quick.  Got pretty toasty,  actually.  But like 3 minutes after crossing the finish line we were freeeeeezing again.  But we got our little cuppa chocolate fondue and dippins, made a mess of ourselves,  and peaced out. It was fun — ish. I’m fine with sticking to CF comps,  and an occasional 5k if it’s 45+ degrees.  Please don’t ever let me forget it. 

Plus side was,  I couldn’t feel my legs,  so my body didn’t even know I was running.  And then, duh, coffee downtown! Luck Bros Coffee, although I could do without the Motown funk music selection. Between that and true rock, it’s hard to decide which I dislike more.

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