This night’s a perfect shade

Ohio. THIS is Thanksgiving break folks. George *almost* snuck a pic of me in my natural habitat at his parent’s house — next to the fire knitting. In my pj’s well into late morning. Because, who needs pants?

Grammy reads to the boys, the same book over and over, at their request.

Coffee and crosswords, a classic pass-time.

Grandpa reading to the boys…the same book, over and over. They are talking 200% more than they were, just from back when we saw them in July. Probably my favorite is affirming everything. “Cheerios, yeah. Clean up, yeah”

And all along, this is our beautiful view.

Last night we visited George’s friends for dinner and 2 hours of the same level on Bubble Bobble. To G’s credit though ,  he did beat it. And we listened to Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness, so I got a little less bored.

Took the boys to a Fun Zone sort of place…but the adults has a pretty good time too.

Staying up on our workouts, went to Cassie’s gym one night at Perpetual Fitness, then stopped in to see our holiday buddies at Root 18 CF.

And of course, baking.

And more baking.

I’m so pleased to have a week to completely kick back, and bake everything out of my system. Eggnog scones, yes. Do that all the time.

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