I can tell that we are gonna be friends 

We worked out over Thanksgiving more than ever! 

Last weekend after returning from Ohio we went to the lighting event in downtown GC. Ho ho ho my gosh it was adorably festive!

We watched the Ohio State game and Kstate game on Saturday. Both wins! And then I made blueberry lemon scones, Adelyn approved…but as long as you can eat it, she typically approves. But they were still pretty great.

Walking out of our downtown loft into the alley the other day we met one of our store neighbors. She couldn’t get over how urban we were. GF flour in hand,  hoodies and George’s beard…take in this level of urban we were working with.  If you need us,  we’ll be shopping online for organic hair pomade.

And I finally got my brother and his family to watch the first Harry Potter! It’s about time,  I say. 

When people say very plainly “Oh, that’s hilarious.” I’m still undecided if it bugs me or I love it.  My sister in laws awesome Italian/east coast mom would always say with a polite grin “That’s hysterical.” I don’t think I would ever want her to change. 

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