Ice Storm 2017

I will always remember this last weekend as…well, just a weekend it rained a ton more than usual and we took a Monday off. This is what we were looking at all over the news last week, before the icepocalypse hit. Sunday it rained all day, and froze some of the trees. So we had … More Ice Storm 2017

Expecto Party-ronem

Weeks of planning and preparation lead up to my fantastic mom’s 60-birthday and retirement party.  Over Thanksgiving we decided it should be themed by the magical world of Harry Potter. I had started knitting my mom a scarf to wear, while all the while bugging her “Have you taken the Pottermore quiz yet? You really … More Expecto Party-ronem

New Year, New Loves

Actually,  same loves,  just a new year.  I love Colorado, visiting my family there,  and my  (That’s George) Date night in Denver Friday night meant Highland Tap & Burger.  It was…it was good.  Just a burger,  with a crumbly gf bun.  Those duck fat fries tho? Yeah,  hit that.   We tried to get … More New Year, New Loves