Expecto Party-ronem

Weeks of planning and preparation lead up to my fantastic mom’s 60-birthday and retirement party. 

Over Thanksgiving we decided it should be themed by the magical world of Harry Potter. I had started knitting my mom a scarf to wear, while all the while bugging her “Have you taken the Pottermore quiz yet? You really should,  it’s neat…you can find out what house you’re in.” [This year in Ohio Thanksgiving was overwhelmingly centered around all things HP, in a good way, of course]

Mommy didn’t know her party was HP themed,  and really we didn’t even tell her there was a party for her, just to not make plans that day. Anyway, another half a foot into her scarf, 

I find out she’s a Ravenclaw! I ordered some yarn to start that one….and just ended up finishing 0 scarves. 

Anyway, got everything ready for the party and the product was a success! Forget my mom, I have a WONDERFUL time! Oh Hogwarts…you would be my home as well.

We sent her invitation via balloon Hedwig.

I had so much fun planning this thing! Golden snitch Ferrero Rochet, sorting hat cookies,  butterbeer cupcakes,  pumpkin juice, chocolate frogs!! 😍💓😍💓😍

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