New Year, New Loves

Actually,  same loves,  just a new year.  I love Colorado, visiting my family there,  and my  (That’s George)

Date night in Denver Friday night meant Highland Tap & Burger.  It was…it was good.  Just a burger,  with a crumbly gf bun.  Those duck fat fries tho? Yeah,  hit that.  

We tried to get dessert at Roostercat Coffee Shop, because yes,  we’re adults and want some coffee and gf waffles at any time of evening that we feel like it.  Alas, we  drove over and a sign said they had closed early 😔

Not all was lost, Watercourse Foods came through! Their restaurant is much more legit than the website lead to believe.  We got COCONUT MILK MILKSHAKES. I cannot caps lock that enough. They….well they were a delight. 

Hanging out with the parentals in one of my very favorite spots literally in the world.  Kind Coffee in Estes Park with a view of the (frozen) river in the back of the shops. 

And then Linda broke every rule I ever learned and walked on a frozen river. 😟😓😲

After we went to bed at 10 pm on NYE (😶), we spent NYMorning in another of my literally favorite places,  the Alluvial  Fan in RMNP. 

Great times, 2017. 

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