I know I could be more clever

It was my resolution in 2016 to read 3 books. I read so darn slow, I thought I had better make it achievable.  And wouldn’t you know it, I read darn close to 4! 

In the Heart of the Sea 

Devil in the White City


75% of HP3

Watch out people, you don’t know how high I’ll fly on 2017. The new bar — 5 books. And it’s on…

And yes, I do plan on reading books I’ve never read before. I just ordered The Giver quartet. The Giver is one of my all-time faves, so I figured I’d read the rest of them.

My other goals in 2017 are to, as it is every year, finish crocheting my Denver blanket (I’m probably about half way done at this point…3.5 years in 😒). Also, to be in more sunbursty photos (mountains optional, but certainly encouraged). 

I never posted my secret Santa gift I gave my father-in-law. I give you, Jerry’s mug, on a mug.

There also one that said “RETIREDED”. 

Having in laws is everything I ever hoped it would be. I just needed an outlet for all of my mug-vinyls ideas.

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