Ice Storm 2017

I will always remember this last weekend as…well, just a weekend it rained a ton more than usual and we took a Monday off.

This is what we were looking at all over the news last week, before the icepocalypse hit.

Sunday it rained all day, and froze some of the trees.

So we had our receptionist cancel all Monday morning patients. Monday morning we woke up to a winter Wonderland full of beautiful snow with it still falling. Decided to cancel all patients for the rest of the day, didn’t figure it would be wise to get patients out driving, and that they’d likely cancel anyway. So, we snow dayed!! It was absolutely wonderful. 

Then, as we have a bunch of stuff to do to get our lab room ready to be assembled, figured we’d brave it (Kia, she’s so so brave) and head up to the office to get some work done. Roads? Perfectly fine! So…eh, whatever.  The rest of the town was closed, why shouldn’t we get a surprise day off? Dodge  on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. So really, best outcome possible—ok, of course though we hope everyone came out of it over there. 

I’m SO close to being done with book #2 of the year!! And today I’m home with…? The flu? Lady probs? Food poisoning from BW’s? Hard to say at this point. So that’s cute.  Shout out to my mom for picking me up from work and bringing me home. I guess it’s true a woman’s work is never done. Well, my mom’s anyway. My work has been done a LOT this week.

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