Where the sky meets the sea

So about 21 years after my brother and sister started playing hockey…fine, you talked me into it. And it’s been pretty fun! So, whoops my brad. This was from a scrimmage tournament in Manhattan against Kstate and a few other teams.

The following weekend, we did a (scaled) team competition with George’s sisters and some friends. We got 2nd!

Come on, the first  (actually second) time I’ve podiumed,  and they couldn’t put us on a box just a tiny bit taller than 3rd?? What a loaf.
Then we got to hang out with the family and nephews who are HUGE and talk so much!! They said “Chelle, you funny” so, in xase you needed confirmation,  I am. 

George and I were sick all week and it was miserable. I feel like we’re sick all the time since we moved to GC, but to be fair we’re exposed to a  billion new germs. I just need my immune system to get it together.

We had Cass and Lydia over last night while my sister and Chris went to trivia. We listened (and danced, duh) to the Moana and Trolls soundtracks and 😍 Woooow I want to see those now! Kids movies are really coming along. But I’m just chillin here at Dougans listening to “How Far I’ll Go” on loop. 

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