We ain’t ever gettin older

So here I am minding my own business, literally, and it’s slowly getting easier but MAN running a business is a ton of work. Anyway, adjusting a young mom patient and we’re talking about childcare and she’s telling me child care centers in Garden have a 2 year wait for infants? So if we’re even thinking of trying, she says to just get our names on the lists. I am not ready for that level of commitment! I mean, a List?!? What’s next, talking about trying? This is moving so fast, just SLOW DOWN MISTER. 😲 The mug I drank out of this morning seems very fitting.

Mooooooooom!! 😢

2 thoughts on “We ain’t ever gettin older

  1. Consider in-home daycares an option too. There are tons of them that always have openings and they’re usually much cheaper. And since there are fewer kids, you’re less likely to be dealing with as many germs and bratty kids. Downside, it’s harder to find a good one (not to say all centers are good either, though, especially in GC) and when they’re sick, they’re closed and you’re out of luck unless you have backup. You have the rest of your life to have kids, enjoy your time to just do you. Miss you!


    1. Ha! I’m always surprised people actually see my posts. Thanks for the advice. I’m scared out of my mind to have kids…it’ll probably be fine 😉 miss you too lady! I’d love to catch up, for realsies


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