Start your day the Stanton way

I tell you what, I don’t know anything about this website, but yes to this. I feel like I’m too early into my career for how frustrated I get with some of the “excuses” I get in the office.  If you want to feel better, how about treating your body with some respect?

We make kale chips atleast once a week, and they are frikkin delicious. It probably takes 17 min start to finish, a good amount of time to get all the other stuff for dinner ready.

Rinse, rip into chip size pieces,  spin dry (if you have a salad spinner, other wise shake and pat dry). Then, massage olive oil or avocado oil onto all the pieces with your hands (just dig your hands into the whole Pile, don’t do each piece individually — I used to, it took forever). Spread onto a cookie sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes (at ~375ish. I always play around with times and temps to get the chips crispy the way I want). Sprinkle with salt and done.

Look, it took George and I probably at good 2-3 years to really felt our acts together on the foods we eat (calling it a diet throws some people off, though that’s what it is…just 4lyfe). And good grief we’ll slip up, or go nuts on some coconut ice cream, but the important thing is to get started so the small changes get easier and easier. I having less and less sympathy anymore for people who feel like crap if they aren’t feeding themselves. And I am convinced one is not feeding themselves if their diet consists of anything “low-fat” or in a plastic wrapper, or if they say they don’t eat vegetables because they don’t like them. Really? Are you 4? Just…āœŒšŸ‘‰šŸ–’

*super rant over

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