So when Paleo f(x) popped up on my fb feed I was like awhaaaa??? This thing has been happening since 2011 and this was the first I’d heard of it. Then again, after all the blogs, books, and podcasts over the last 5 years…it’s possible I glazed over at times. 
Whatever the case, we made it this year. Because when Dr. Perlmutter, Sarah Balantyne, Chris Kresser, and Rob Wolf all fly to Texas,  YOU FLY TO TEXAS. Atleast I do.

Aside from delays, a very late night drive in, and a hang over from 4 hours of sleep, day 1 was…yeah, it was good. Highlight was definitely watching Rob talk after years of only listening to his podcast.  Really hoping he would mention just once Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and when to eat his sweet potato, but he didn’t and it was fine šŸ˜ I don’t love him for anything but his brilliant mind and simply how great he is. If that’s what kids even call love these days.

Blah blah,  now that I’m super Paleo again, here’s the places we ate:

Snooze – 

We eat at Snooze when in Denver, I didn’t know they were down here too! Almost anything can be made gluten free and delicious  (cautionary tale though, pancakes are made with buttermilk). This place never disappoints though!

24 Diner –

Nice food, in a 24-hour setting? College would have been different…alas. not a whole lot of gluten free substitutions, but sometimes all you need is a good sweet potato hash to kick off the day. 

Picnik –

There’s too much to say about this place! Just look at that menu! Sure, for 2 fancy coffees our bill was $16, but for just one fun awesome morning we drank like kings. Coconut milk butter coffee latte with collagen protein, and if you think that sounds gross…fair. But it’s not and it wasn’t and THAT is how people need to start living. Alllll the fats!

Thai Fresh –

Hands down, favorite restaurant in Austin. George’s pad Thai was the best I’ve had (my spicy glass noodle salad was also excellent — and I believe everything in the menu was gf unless specified not)! They had a policy against tipping, and just had increased prices in order to simply pay their waitresses fair wages. YAS! It’s happening! And as if all of that wasn’t enough, they have a selection of homemade vegan (coconut milk) ice cream w gf waffle cones! How the frick does this place exist, but I didn’t ask questions, just went with it. 

Snap, I’ll post about the actual conference and how Austin is hipAF next.

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