Paleo f(x)

Overall,  I’m so happy we went! Listened in person to people we have been reading,  watching,  and listening to for years!

And let me just say,  meeting Robb Wolf was an absolute pleasure.  He’s just so so fantastic! Plus we bought his new book Wired to Eat so I’m super excited to read that and go Keto like it’s my job. (Upon meeting him, there’s a chance he may have thought he should know me.  I greeted him like an old friend,  which on my end, he kind of feels like.  Likely not on his though.  And then I hugged him… which he also may not have been into but there’s no way we’ll ever know.  He’ll be fine. I, however, had the nervous sweats for like 5 minutes before AND after. It’s a professional love, you see.)

In general though the convention seemed a little more geared to the public and not quite so heavily toward the health care practitioner, although it had it’s moments like a networking session for hcp’s hosted by Chris Kresser. (Dr. Axe was a presenter as well,  I never knew much about him,  but I’m glad to have discovered he seems legit.  You just never know sometimes! So that was nice.  Him, and Mark Sisson of Marks Daily Apple.)
Plus when Dr. Perlmutter spoke, and some of the others, it got pretty technical at times.  

All in all I’m not sure we’d necessarily go back again,  but we’ll just see who’s presenting and what’s going on.  It’s only going to get bigger so it may get more focused for specific populations. 

And then hanging out in Butler Park, with river and downtown views 😍 Austin, you’re just doing it so so right!

(We did also try out Cryotherapy bc we were kicking around the idea of putting it in the office…uhuhhh….nope. Don’t let the smile fool you,  3 minutes of absolute misery, which I guess you would expect from literally freezing yourself for 3 solid minutes.)

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