Well come to think of it

Kid honestly I could go on and on. 

George and I have watched Moana… let’s say,  a few times over the last couple of weeks.  And listened to the soundtrack,  and consequently sang it,  close to nonstop.  It… doesn’t suck. 

Here’s something that does though,  green drinks. 

I want so badly to love celery water.  Alas… my face. We’re doing RP diet right now which has actually given me energy want to crossfit after work but MAN that’s alot of upkeep.  With time, I suppose….

We’ve been taking so much awesome trips, I have grand plans to write better travel posts about all the gf places to eat everywhere and what to do, what to climb, what to see… instead I leave this one photo here and go “make a living” treating patients.  Whatever.

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