You just made me

Hang on. Someone just brought up making their bed in the morning… I not only don’t make my bed in the morning, I forgot that it was even a thing in the first place. We had inspection on our house last night, just have to do a termite check and then wait a whole frikin … More You just made me

Buttons on a coat 

In my basically week 2-ish revival of training to be the Fittest in Kansas at 30, I’ve done all of the programming. And this is what it got me: Death and dying.  Can’t lift my arms a 43-minute workout later, using basically only shoulders. And when I wanted to quit after round 3 of doing … More Buttons on a coat 


First timer over here! Michigan is beautiful, I had no idea Lake Michigan is practically the dang ocean! Waves, no other land across the way in sight, smack dab in the middle of the states. Our vacation home George’s parents rented was perfect, too. Right on the beach, enough rooms for all of us (except when … More Michigan

Rock Me Mama

Miss KerrBates (*Jackson) and I have officially been friends for TEN YEARS! From these goobers.. to these slightly older goobers.. 2 weddings,  4 degrees, dozens of boys, tears, concerts, and laughs.  We’ve been through a lot Miss. And I love this Miss. ❤❤❤   Because when you can just lay in bed all day and talk, … More Rock Me Mama