With every tender lovin’ kiss


I have actually lost count of how many books I’ve read this year….I’m pretty sure these are somewhere around 4 and 5? Or maybe 5 & 6. Either way, I believe I have met my 2017 goal in reading 5 books! That’s like 400% more than I read any other year. In the Kingdom of Ice was ok..a little too much nitty gritty detail. Honestly, it’s an ice cap, it’s cold, all you see is white. We get it. But I suppose some of the history was pretty interesting.


Then 13 Reasons Why, because we got LOST inside the Netflix series. I agree with whatever review I initially read saying this one time the show is better than the book. They were able to get into the characters a lot more. Still a good book, but I’m telling you…I hope people don’t take this book too seriously like they already do. That girl got herself into some crummy situations and probably could have taken a little more care to not. Yes, people sucked, but people do suck. Rise above, m’lady. Rise above. And, ***SPOILER*** turn in the guy you watch rape your friend. WHAT? How is this a hard situation? Meh, teen drama novels, lots of pot holes.

I read this one on our trip to Michigan, in a very very sorry attempt to find a light hearted, easy read for vacation. Unfortunately when you leave you book shopping to a small town in Michigan’s Wal-Mart, you don’t have much variety. But it was still a good read. And I listened to “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron on repeat that whole week. If anything in this world is hauntingly beautiful Ted Mosby, it’s this song.

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