You’re 5,000 candles in the wind

We’ve watched the entire series of Parks and Rec a LOT. Like, I think I’m on round 4 or 5. It just makes me so happy. Mona Lisa and Jean-Ralphio are easily my favorites. Today over lunch ***SPOILER ALERT*** we were watching the wedding episode. I just had to stop it. Oh, because I still cry every single time? YUP. Ben and Leslie,  I love you and I like you. And Mona Lisa And Jean-Ralphio ❤

But that’s not really what’s important here. What is is that I came across ads for Victoria Secret’s new sportswear line. Could they not even TRY to get one model with an ounce of muscle? Seriously? Or at least get legit looking equipment? How much research did they do? 

What are those,  10s bro?

Honestly, gyms literally use this size of kettlebell for their kids classes. 

I get that life isn’t Crossfit but…no one thinks you work out just bc you wear a fancy sports bra…and honestly,  from VS? That’s kind of how we know you don’t. 

I quickly changed my tune.  Life is Crossfit.  Crossfit is life.  Because as I watched Tia-Claire Toomey get dubbed Fittest Woman on Earth at the games this year…

Frack. That was an incredible moment. I just want a piece of that.

Which is why I muscled through a grueling 15 minutes and 45 seconds of Elizabeth today (21-15-9 reps of 95 lb cleans and ring-dips). Yeah, not great. But better than if I had taken an off day.  At one point I had the lofty goal of being Fittest in Kansas at 30 — next year (tbh, my goal was to do the best I’ve ever done I  the open at 30, George is the one that kicked it up a few notches for me). And why the hell not, if I miss I’ll land among the no-neck, trees for quads stars who work for their goals instead of laying awake at night longing for them instead. I have a bad habit of wanting but not going out and taking.  

So here’s to you baby girl, let me see you go hard. 

Woof… You know when you set out to make fun of a “fitness” clothing line and end up pumping yourself up to be the best you can be and live out your childhood dreams instead? My brad. Good luck sleeping, goober. 🤷

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