First timer over here! Michigan is beautiful, I had no idea Lake Michigan is practically the dang ocean! Waves, no other land across the way in sight, smack dab in the middle of the states.

Our vacation home George’s parents rented was perfect, too. Right on the beach, enough rooms for all of us (except when George and I got attacked but a HUGE American Salmonfly while sleeping in the basement…so we bunked up with his sister in her room. Summer Camp style.)

The house had a 3 level deck (there’s one more above the top one in this pic). It’s on Lakeshore Drive (Ave? I didn’t do any of the driving..), they got it on VRBO and apparently it’s always booked a year out but we lucked out. So don’t try it, it’s OURS.

Weather was beautiful all week until the last 2 days, it was chilly and stormy, which was also pretty cool. Just sucked we couldn’t go to the beach on our last day.

But I tell you what, if it works out, renting a house for vacation and cooking your own food is the ultimate way to do it. Unless you make your sister in law a gf/df/egg free chocolate birthday caked bricked with puppy chow. Then it kind of negates the fridge loaded with veggies. I will never apologize for that cake.

Of course, George and I found the 2 nearest coffee shops to get our Scrabble fix — Village Grounds and Riverflats (tell me why “internet cafe” is still a classification for a business). Both were good, my drink from VG was WAY sweet, but the upside was it tasted literally exactly like a S’Mores poptart…can’t be mad about that. The cafe was also a pretty popular spot, lots of people coming and going. I enjoyed Riverflats a little better, it was more off the beaten path, and very quiet. Plus, I cheated…I got a pumpkin pie latte in August. But it was a little chilly and cloudy out, it just felt right.

This is an area I would definitely visit again (and it sounds like we may, next year again with the family!). All of us kids are betting there will be another baby (or two, or three..) by that time, atleast chillin in someone’s belly. JT keeps trying to put trip girls on us. Take your evil away from here JT.

Look, I could sit in this living room, reading and looking out at the ocean (call it what it is) for a solid week or two.download_20170816_082112.jpg I could write a book sitting on that couch. photo cred JT


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