We’ll make a memory out of it

There’s your proof, my “Best in Kansas @ 30” sticky note I stare at every day. Look, the plan is…do the programming and work hard? Ha, simple enough. Eat enough to support that, sleep, and don’t get hurt. Doable.

Middle is featured one of the best reasons to get up an extra hour before needed, have a good breakfast, drink some good coffee (out of your friends wedding mugs), and wake up my brain. Since back when G and I started dating, we’ve been doing all sorts of things in the mornings, requiring getting up earlier than necessary. It was quite a shock to the system for a while. But now? Now it’s my favorite way to spend the wee hours!

Since we have a hard time getting in the recommended amount of carbs on RP, I’ve had to get back into baking a bit. Leftover bananas = gfdf banana nut muffins! Mmm..

And for Saturday, we rolled deep into Dugan’s for a lively round of Nerts! That downtown life though 🙂


Oh, and let’s not ignore the fact that Imagine Dragons’ “Not Today” is incredible. Really, Imagine Dragons tend not to disappoint. I’m listening to the soundtrack to Me Before You, which they did a great job with. ALSO, I don’t know how it took me so long to watch Mama Mia…it was pretty good. Really, there are better musicals, but I can’t argue with multiple dance numbers with 100+ cast along a boardwalk.

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