Buttons on a coat 

In my basically week 2-ish revival of training to be the Fittest in Kansas at 30, I’ve done all of the programming. And this is what it got me:

Death and dying.  Can’t lift my arms a 43-minute workout later, using basically only shoulders. And when I wanted to quit after round 3 of doing it rx’d (including 200m farmer carries with 52 lb KB in each hand) George told me to finish but lighten it to 35 lb. And thank goodness I have someone to push me when I can no longer push myself.

In Garden City news, peep what’s going on down at the river —

–there’s water in it! In the whole time I grew up here, and the 9 years following that’d I’d come back to visit, it’s always been bone dry. And now? We’ve had a  flowing (albeit, a foot deep in most places) river! This is beautiful news for my hometown. Although high schoolers will have to find a different place to have bon fires now..

When I was in high school, or maybe my first year of college, I was at a bon fire down in this very river bed.  Of course there were many underage drinkers, and I wasn’t one of them, because I didn’t drink. So when the cops showed up, people were freaking out and I gladly handed over my ID. The policeman said “You aren’t 21…” And I said 👉 “Right.” That’s all.

It’s just a funny little memory I have of growing up with a river-less river. (Ps the cops told us to go home and no one got in trouble. I’m not a snot.)

*I don’t know why I’m still surprised when I hear a song I really like and it ends of being T Swift. Girl makes some catchy music. Plus I’m still pumped she’s on Spotify finally. You will not regret this, Taylor.

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