I bet that you look good

We are getting ready for the end of season roller hockey tournament this Saturday — to end my first season of hockey! It took some gentle nudging by my brother,  but he got me…for most of it. We did do a LOT of travelling this summer,  but for the most part, hockey’s been a good time. George really likes it, too.

Over the weekend and through some gruelling heat and workouts, we did something I don’t know if we’ve ever done since we’ve been together…

We bought popsicles! It was not wrong. Plus it’s the kind made with only fruit juices so it’s….well it’s still frozen sugar water. Leave me alone. 

Yesterday our morning hang out (local coffee shop) was giving out eclipse glasses to the 1st 100 purchases.  I didn’t realize it would be line-around-the-block popular 😣 So by the time we saw that,  it was too late (actually probably not) to go home and make coffee (and when you get this heart set on coffee,  there are no takers-backers). So we got stupid Starbucks  (atleast they have coconut milk) and went to a park. Which actually turned out nice,  it rained a bit while we were under the gazebo. All was not lost.

We didn’t get eclipse glasses, and even at something like 91% coverage, it was only a little overcast-ish. Crazy that’s how much light the sun puts off! Still bummed we didn’t see more effects…hindsight, get the glasses.

Arctic Monkeys, one of my soundtracks to my Europe trip in under grad. I danced SO hard to “I bet you look good on the dance floor”. So. Hard. 

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