You’re awful, I love you

We’re in KC!!! 😍 This place…I just love it. On our drive last night I revisited my old pal, Ludo and just saaaaang and sang,  but quietly because George hasn’t felt good and was sleeping.  

Also I’ve started listening to the podcast My Brother,  My Brother, and Me after much blasting I hear from every other podcast how great it is.  And you know what? Yes. Because the very first episode I listened to they talked about the Duck Tails revival for like 20 minutes….and I listened.  Try it out,  I recommend episode 365 for starters.  I laughed OUT loud,  when I was by myself.  Have you ever noticed how much you only really lol if other people are around? Not this time — straight OL, ridin solo.

That reminds me, when I was in high school anytime I had to run out of the house real quick I’d yell to my mom (and #1 — out of 1 — reader…thanks ma 👉) “BRB!” and bounce. Finally after probably weeks, she asked what it meant. And after all that time of me apparently yelling out some nonsense before walking out, the fact that she asked what the heck was happening…I loved it. So funny mom 😊 Sometimes I feel like I should just call you instead of writing a whole blog,  just for you 😉

Ok,  so important things.  1) I have TWO huge tonsil stones.  Don’t know what they are? Look them up.  Actually,  look up extraction videos,  because THAT is satisfying and horrifying all at the same time.  

There they lay, in the back.


Bughhhghhghh…just something about it. Well, I got one out,  but naturally it gagged me, and then gagged me again because I was watching what was happening inside my own face hole. 😝

And that time I literally paid money for a domain name so I could give my mom health updates via blog posts. 😂 If this isn’t adulting, then I don’t know what is.

This is how George air guitars,  apparently. Flat palmming it? How did it take me 4 years to notice this. 

Just LOOK at my old roommates from college (baby and dog are new additions…they weren’t there 6 years ago).

And now I’m here, in easily one of my top 10 places. Mud Pie in KC 🤗

(George is unhappy because he drew 4 E’s, but he loves Mud Pie too)

Dude….whatever. blog post over. Mommy I’ll talk to you next week.  Kloveyou

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