Different ideas drifting away

Being in Kansas City for a minute was just what I needed. We hit all the old favorites, and with exception of my cousin, saw all the loves. The Thomas’ including the baby Thomas bump 🤗, and a bunch of CPK docs who are all SO great. And SO smart. I feel like simply caps locking it doesn’t convey how great they are, so just Belieb it.

Ang and her sweet new office…true to our form, we had 2 hours to mile-a-minute catch up and there was not one second wasted. And still so much to say..

But mom look at her office!! She did such a good job 👌

Amanda and Cody and our old gym ❤❤❤❤😭😭😭 Look at these bros, they missed each other. You don’t know what you have until no gym is as good as your old one. Sigh.

And I got to wear the tank Kerri vinyled for me! Lately the Rock is suuuper on my radar, and no joke, at the gym when I’m tired or a lift is hard, I might expecto that patronus a bit to get through a heavy sesh. (And if you STILL haven’t seen Moana to understand this reference — albeit entangled with a HP reference — just WATCH it already!)

So, long story short if you only have 3 days in KC, here’s where you should find yourself:

Breakfast – Succotash and The Corner Restaurant. You best believe they have tasty gf breakfast options  (pancakes still tend to have buttermilk though, so be cautious if you’re sensi to dairy). Also, trade secret, Whole Foods has a breakfast bar and it’s excellent. Get some eggs, bacon,  veggies, AND no waiter to tip. It’s pretty much the best scenario.

Coffee 😙😍🤗💕 – GOSH I miss KC’s coffee game. My all time favorite it Mud Pie, it’s a vegan coffeehouse and bakery. They make their own coconut milk (which is worth driving to KC for), and have gf/df baked goodies. If you’re lucky enough to get there before the sell out of scones GET ONE and then bring one back for me as well kthx. (This is also the place we got our wedding cupcakes from, so of course I hold them in high regard).

Black Dog is ever expanding.  They’re now connected to a bakery (which I have yet to see make any gf things, so I skip that part…but it smells sooo good). They do have coconut milk which is perfect, and just a plain latte with it is very autumn-y. Or whatever season, it’s timeless really.

Homers in downtown OP is my KC coffee roots, that’s where Kara would always take me and Ang in school, and then George and I would go study in the mornings before class when we were first dating 😙. No coconut milk though,  but do have soy and almond. Almond dirty chais where my JAM back when I didn’t know I was sensi to almonds 😔

Bbq – Let’s end this age old debate of Kansas City barbecue, it’s Joe’s Kansas City for the win people. Those ribs! Jack Stack can’t step to these. Also Q39, the first time Joe’s had a true contender…AND they have sweet potato fries so 🌟 (and it’s right down the street from Mud Pie). Joe’s has 3 or 4 locations so your bbq needs can be easily met from anywhere in the city. Pro tip, if your going at even a whiff of a peak meal period, call your order in ahead. “A full rack of ribs, no bread, and an order of fries please. Michelle.  Thanks!” That’s all you have to say. And then I get my tasty ribs, thank you reader for ordering my dinner.

Foods – Of course there are TONS of great places to eat, but careful. Some can be real flashy and end up just being expensive and nothing great.  We had BRGR complete with tater tots (! Am I back in daycare? Aye mira) with a gf bun of course. At this point if a burger place doesn’t offer gluten free buns they are just being jerks and I give them $0 of my money.

We didn’t go there this time, but Lulus Thai Noodle Shop is in a fun area and all around good Thai food.

Ok, so that should atleast hold you over for a few days in one of my favorite cities. 

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