Friday I’m in love

Because tomorrow is Saturday of George’s birthday weekend and that means sleeeeep, then scrabble at PD’s 🤗
We’ll probably unpack a ton this weekend in our house, get things organized, and then KNOCK DOWN AND REARRANGE ALL THE WALLS! Mmm…maybe not all this weekend, but we certainly have some lofty plans for that place. 

But let’s build a fence, get a puppy, and watch HP all season.

I’ve been letting my desktop be our travel agent. Look at how beautiful this lake in Vermont is! So I just save all the pretty places and we’ll go there sometime.

We really do need to start planning our Europe trip for next spring…can’t believe it’s finally close enough to say that! We’ve been talking about Europe for a couple years now. As of now, thinking London and doing anything Harry Potter, then maybe France,  probably Italy, and some kind of Germany/Poland stop. Too many to choose from!

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