Making my dreams come true

George and I view birthdays very differently.  2 months ago I started asking what he wanted to do for his,  in early October.  He said alot of random things,  back and forth between going out of town or staying at home (we were going to be gone every other weekend in Oct), but most commonly his answer was to buy jeep tires. We both knew if that were the case, we wouldn’t be doing any trip, or presents, or anything. 

And now that yesterday  (his bday) has come and gone,  it was a really nice day, but….I guess just not what I would have considered satisfactory for my own birthday .  So I still will try to honor what he wants next year, but this I vow, I will still do more fanfare next year. I just don’t care..or maybe care TOO much.  Either way, plans for next year may be starting really early. Like meow. 

But on the bright side we still celebrated. Sunday the family came over to see the new house and watch the Denver game. My mom snuck over birthday treats and we sang, because you’ve GOT to sing. 

Oooh speaking of GOT, we are now caught up with Game of Thrones.  Yes @wherethisgoing because… well if you know,  then you know.  😍

On his actual birthday we had a late start at the office, so we parked it at PD’s to play Scrabble, as we do.

 So that’s a little more like it. Our birthday wod was pretty rough too, including 2 800 m runs and 2 1000 m rows. Oof.

My journey to be the fittest in Kansas  (or fittest I’ve ever been) at 30, depending which camp you’re sitting in, is going. It’s rough, but my lifts are getting heavier for sure. This week I hang snatched and high hang snatched 10 lbs under my 1 RM snatch (125), so it’s promising for sure! 

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