Come home to your place

There was about a 3 week span in undergrad where I’m almost going to say literally I put “Starbright” by Quietdrive on every night as I fell asleep with the window open and fall breeze. There’s just alot of really, really good music out there.

Ok, so I’ve been contemplating this for awhile, and I’ve started to take the next step. I want to find a wardrobe I can only classify as….Active Professional? Cozy Clinic? Haven’t nailed it down yet.  My dilemma is I want to be comfortable in my clothes all day, wear shoes that are  good for my feet, and be able to move in all ways I may need to –whether it’s working on a patient, showing them a stretch, demonstrate proper movements, etc.

I think there needs to be a revolution, traditional “professional” wear is just not always the best for practical life, and the shoes (especially women’s) are horrible! So, because I own my own business and basically can, I’m going on a quest to develop a nice, chic, professional-esk collection that is conducive to an active lifestyle!

I mean,  ideally I’d be comfy to the max, but I suppose we should keep it a little doctor…or this is just where I’ll be in another couple years once our wild success in practice over shadows anything I merely am wearing. Just a little longer, joggers….

An interesting note,  what Pinterest thinks is an active woman and what I think of are 2 different ideas. Sweet strappy heels…🤔

We were just in KC and among a few substantial (not see-thru) pairs of leggings and tunic tops, I found the best tastefully sparkly Keds!

Just slip my orthotics in those suckers and we’ve got a great work day! 😄 I am very excited about my much more mobile days ahead. Plus bonus if I can find sprinkle in some cute vests like these..

Brb, have to overhaul an entire wardrobe…

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