Am I not the only traveler?

Mommy and Me2

My mom is a genius. I don’t say that because she’s my number 1 reader and I want her to call to hang out (but yeah let’s do that). But over the years she’s helped calm me down, get my thoughts organized, and think critically about situations rather than with pure emotion. (I literally had her come to an interview the other day, so she could help me convey what I needed this employee to do for me. She just knows, you know? Only the way a mom can know.)

So imagine my lack of surprise when the other day she put my #1 problem into words: perfection paralysis. WHAT?! I had never ever heard of that term, but right I away I knew that was me to a giant capitalized T. It explains why I’ve started about 20 handouts, programs, diet plans, and exercise regimes for patients with no finished product. It’s why I only write a blog once every couple weeks if I’m lucky. AND up until this very second writing this month’s post, I’m starting to realize it’s probably why I started and swiftly quit so many things when I was younger.

Granted, some of the problem was I’m a performer and not practice-r, so the ratio of soccer practice or band class to actual games or concerts finally got to be not worth it. But the other half I’m sure had to be that if it wasn’t perfect, I couldn’t handle showing off that product.


So now I’m like…where the heck do I go from there? Do I just quickly create and put out a ton of sub-par content for some immersion therapy? Ugh, just the thought…

Alright Rhondo, you got me in this mess, now fix it. YOU FIX IT! 🙂

Mommy and Me3

Also, we love to take funny-face pictures together. You can obviously see why, not only is she the best but she makes the best funny faces :):):):)

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