Rebel just for kicks

Wichita is a place that probably has some cool stuff, but it’s so close we never go…weird but true. BUT, we had a sweet methylation seminar there last weekend and so we had a couple meals and stuff to eat there.

First of all, it’s shocking the limited amounts of quality coffee shops that came recommended. Actually, my friend Kara who is coffee-savvy and has coffee savvy friends said there just isn’t any. SO we stopped in at Vagabond Coffee and Cocktails for a quick drink and scrabble game before the fun started. UMMMM thanks but no thanks. We couldn’t find a place that had coconut milk so we had to settle for this places nasty sugary sweet soy milk lattes, served in styrofoam cups? I just am shocked those aren’t outlawed yet. The place was kind of cute, with it’s living room lighting and cozy booths, but that’s about it. My drink hung out in the cup holder in our Honda the rest of the day, and George didn’t care for his either. Unfortunately, I would have to recommend a big ol’ SKIP on this one.


For whatever reason, we were starving by lunch and hit up some fanastic pho at My Tho. It sure isn’t fancy, only have varieties of Pho soups, and only take cash, but it was hellllllla tasty. And really warmed the soul. (I got the pork pho, George got beef stew, and Kara got beef pho, all were super super good, but I’d said Kara’s was best.)

Dinner. Oooh…dinner. Kara said this place Public at the Brickyard had gluten free buns and stuff, so we were down with it. When we got there, the actual gluten-free options were pretty limited, which was disappointing but they still had a filet on the seasonal menu so I went for it. But first, also on the special menu was some pork belly in a butternut squash mash, and Frick it was tasty! So, good start. And then my filet…I won’t drag this out, I’ll just say it was literally the best steak I’ve ever had, and one of the best meals I’ve had in a very long time. So, hell yeah Public, I’ll recommend that delicious noise all day. Plus it was in Old Town which, if we were more adventurous we would have explored more, seems like a neat part of town.


We dropped Kara off at the friend’s house she’s staying with. This couple owns Little Lion Ice Cream, which at the moment is only located within Espresso to Go Go (which also didn’t get high marks from friends we asked). But Jubilee — this girl’s name is Jubilee, and she is exactly what you would expect from that — brought us 2 kinds of vegan coconut milk ice cream which was so great!


–On a side note, Kara and Jubilee are pregnant and have a 2 year old, respectively, and so they talked about a lot of baby and birthing things which was very interesting and also overwhelmingly scary and disgusting. But I supposed at some point George and I need to start paying attention and gathering intel if we eventually want to get this baby train a-goin’.–

Next morning we figured at least we know Scooters from our time in Overland Park, but then in a happy turn of events, they offered coconut milk! So that was quite a delight.  After the seminar we just inhaled some Chipotle, always a favorite, and headed back to Garden.

So, Ok Wichita, I see what you’re doing here. Not too bad, just get your coffee game in order a little bit please. Catch ya on the flippity flop.


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