No brainer or no brains?

Been wasting some of my life on social media and started seeing a trend in articles: crappy jobs, poor work environment. For example:


Now,  sometimes it’s just not possible to get another job. I get that, I’m not a monster.

Except, you be the judge, because yes it is. If you have a Sephora in your town, you can find any other company to work for.

Stop complaining and stop gunking up my feed so I can get back to reading about the 15 coolest gadgets on Amazon people are buying for Christmas.

Also, tipping is a horrible system. What it sounds like is happening is proposing to make a stupid thing dumb in a different way. So find a place that will pay you a decent wage OR ☝️💡 get trained so you can have some real qualifications and actually deserve getting paid more than the minimum wage. 

I have a horrendous amount of student debt, so I have 0% problem saying that and 0/10 guilt. And looking back, no, that crazy student debt route is not one I recommend, but it’s not the only option. But, now I have a good job with decent pay and I earned that. And these people probably could too, but not if they just complain about a job you don’t have to stay at.

Mom, 👉, you taught me I’m not entitled to anything.  Thanks for that…but now I can’t unsee brats everywhere around me 😬

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