What if I was made for you?

I had this Kane Brown song stuck in my head from the time I woke up this morning.  I don’t know if I was humming it or what, but we got in the car and it was right at the chorus on the radio! I said “this has been stuck in my head all morning!” And George said “Me too!”…so weird.

Anyway, had a new pt yesterday who was a friend of a friend. My friend sent me that person’s text after her first visit to the office:

So umm…count it as a win? 😂 #i’lltakeit  #witchdoctor

Btw MOM FEEL BETTER. Oh my gosh, now I get why parents of sick kids freak out so much. I’m like 😭😭😭 take all the drugs so you don’t feel any pain ever again! 😭😭😭😭

..except don’t really. Let’s figure you out, Madre 😁 I’m going to need you around and healthy for a real long time so get it together. Kloveyoutextme.

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