The sun can’t stop us now 

Two thousand great teen! Happy New Year! 🎉

First of all, it hasn’t been 1 hour since I finished seeing The Greatest Showman at the theater and that sucker just mag have made it to one of my favorite movies of all time, dramatics be damned. 😍 Oh. My. Musical heart.

We just got back from Colorado earlier today, and I just have to share my 3 favorite and frequented coffee shops there.

Probably my all-time favorite is Kind Coffee in Estes Park. I will willingly admit, the location and the fact there is a mountain stream running right behind it certaibly plays a huge role. The coffee is very good, but I have to disclose this is one of my favorite places to sit in the whole world.

Next is La Vita Bella in Longmont, situated in a below ground location, but still with lots of natural light coming in. They make their own chocalate ganache for their mochas, and on new years eve, 20 min before close, the guy made us 7 drinks to go. We come here multiple times when we’re visiting family in Longmont.

Last is new to us this trip, Ozo Coffee Co in Longmont (og from Boulder). Their building is legit with a sweet second level with a ledge to look out over and also enjoy lots of natural light. Also, we got it 2 days in a row, both days the baristas were, like, unusually friendly and cool, but in the best way.

So go on, git. Watch the best movie, and if you can swing hitting up the front range, get you some excellent coffee vibes.

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