Friday I’m in love

Because tomorrow is Saturday of George’s birthday weekend and that means sleeeeep, then scrabble at PD’s šŸ¤— We’ll probably unpack a ton this weekend in our house, get things organized, and then KNOCK DOWN AND REARRANGE ALL THE WALLS! Mmm…maybe not all this weekend, but we certainly have some lofty plans for that place.  But … More Friday I’m in love

I’m never alone

Do yourself a favor,  go outside while it’s still a little bit cool and breezy and listen to “Glycerin” by Bush. That’s all,  but right now,  that’s all any of us need really. 

You just made me

Hang on. Someone just brought up making their bed in the morning… I not only don’t make my bed in the morning, I forgot that it was even a thing in the first place. We had inspection on our house last night, just have to do a termite check and then wait a whole frikin … More You just made me