That’s what I am

WHOA. No posts since March? My brad. That crippling perfection paralysis, back with a dang ol’ vengeance. Couple it with a straiiined  attempt to limit time in front of a screen before bed and badda bing: I’m severely behind in blog land. Well she’s back, and with a new thread of posts… Preconception planning! That’s right, … More That’s what I am

Love Potion no. 9

I just broke one of my two cardinal rules, which is: Dont spend your hard earned money in Dodge City. Sure, it’s likely dated mainly from my high school rivalry days, but I’m still not totally convinced there’s a reason for this arm pit of a city. I will concede to this point, though through … More Love Potion no. 9

City of Stars

Look. I’ve about had my fill of bleh endings and I’m just about due to enjoy something The Greatest Show caliber again to regain my faith in the arts. My goal for 2018 is to read 9 books. Aside from finally finishing HP4, the first full book I’ve read is The Fault in Our Stars, … More City of Stars